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Dr Adriana Raus MD

Dr Adriana Raus is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician that loves being a doctor for the entire family from cradle to cane. She believes that patient-physician relationship has been affected and marginalized by modern medicine and increasing administrative demands.
Family Doc Direct was founded to restore the physician-patient relationship that is fundamental for healing and disease prevention.

Dr. Raus was born and raised in Romania, a beautiful country in Eastern Europe, and graduated University Of Medicine: "IULIU HATIEGANU" Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

She continued her education in Sparrow Family Medicine Residency where she graduated from and obtained her Family Medicine Board Certification in 2012. After almost 6 years of serving the Owosso community with Memorial Hospital, she ventured to open her own direct primary care practice and bring a new kind of healthcare to the Greater Lansing area.

Dr. Adriana Raus is a Board Certified Medical Doctor in good-standing with family medicine certifying board (ABFM). A member of the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians), member of American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL), Member of Michigan State Medical Society(MSMS), proud member of Direct Primary Care Alliance (DPCA) 

Dr. Raus is welcoming new patients from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Direct Primary Care is NOT health insurance, nor does Family Doc Direct PLLC participate in health insurance plans.

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